Wednesday, October 6, 2010

St. Francis and the Birds

This beautiful postcard was made by Marina who lives in the United States.  She described how she made the postcard: 

"The postcard is made entirely of fabric and free-motion embroidery with colored threads.  I did sprinkle some really fine glitter on the background fabric and seal it with a spray sealer before I started.

"I cut out the shapes for his corona from some gold cotton, and sewed it down first, then used light colored cotton for his head and hands, and a loose weave for his robe.  The rest is all done with thread and machine embroidery where you "draw" with the thread. 

"The belt for his robe is a piece of cotton string."

The following story is about St. Francis and birds: 

Father Francis and his companions were making a trip through the Spoleto Valley near the town of Bevagna. Suddenly, Francis spotted a great number of birds of all varieties. There were doves, crows and all sorts of birds. Swept up in the moment, Francis left his friends in the road and ran after the birds, who patiently waited for him. He greeted them in his usual way, expecting them to scurry off into the air as he spoke. But they moved not.
Filled with awe, he asked them if they would stay awhile and listen to the Word of God. He said to them:
“My brother and sister birds, you should praise your Creator and always love him: He gave you feathers for clothes, wings to fly and all other things that you need. It is God who made you noble among all creatures, making your home in thin, pure air. Without sowing or reaping, you receive God’s guidance and protection.”
At this the birds began to spread their wings, stretch their necks and gaze at Francis, rejoicing and praising God in a wonderful way according to their nature. Francis then walked right through the middle of them, turned around and came back, touching their heads and bodies with his tunic.
Then he gave them his blessing, making the sign of the cross over them. At that they flew off and Francis, rejoicing and giving thanks to God, went on his way.

Later, Francis wondered aloud to his companions why he had never preached to birds before. And from that day on, Francis made it his habit to solicitously invoke all birds, all animals and reptiles to praise and love their Creator. And many times during Francis’ life there were remarkable events of Francis speaking to the animals. There was even a time when St. Francis quieted a flock of noisy birds that were interrupting a religious ceremony! Much to the wonder of all present, the birds remained quiet until Francis’ sermon was complete.

(The story above is from HERE.)

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